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Guided Fly Fishing on the White and Norfork Rivers

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Dry Run Creek


Located at the base of the Norfork Trout hatchery Dry Run Creek is a 16 and under or handicap only dream stream.  With all of the nutrients coming from the hatchery huge trout stack up in the shallow creek gorging themselves all day leaving a special treat to the lucky anglers able to fish this water.  If you have a youngster interested in trying out fly fishing there is no better place in the world to do it than on Dry Run Creek.  Parents are encouraged to tag along to play the role of cameraman as trophies will be caught!



Full Day: $400

Half Day (4 hours): $200




Distance in miles from:

Tulsa - 151

Kansas City - 229

St Louis - 357

Little Rock - 243



Brad Smith

Call or Text: 479-283-8490