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Hopper Fishing

Mother Nature has turned the thermostat up and the rain has all but disappeared from the forecast and while the days are hot the hopper fishing is just starting to crank up.  Once we start drying out from the spring rains the hoppers start migrating to the river banks in search of green vegetation sending the fish in search of an easy meal dropping from above.  To me, there’s nothing more exciting than watching a big brown slam a foam hopper the instant it hits the water.  The urge to raise the rod will generally get me on my first few fish of the year but once I get the adrenaline under control it’s hopper time through the first heavy frost. 


On guide trips on the White River we would generally nymph fish the lower morning flows followed with banging the banks after lunch with the foam.  An alternative is to fish a hopper dropper rig with a size 16 or 18 midge tied to the bend of the hopper allowing us to hopper fish all day. 


While the hoppers get most of the attention relative to terrestrial fishing, beetles, ants and other terrestrials deserve a shot as well if the hopper fishing is slow.  That’s especially true early in the season.  The Beaver Tailwaters is a great place to go through beetles and ants to rising fish. 


I have hopper trips available all summer so get in touch with me when you’re ready to go!


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